Benadryl to Treat Panic Attacks

Using Benadryl to Treat Panic AttacksPanic Away Treatment

There are a great many people who have been plagued by panic attacks for many years, some not even knowing that it is a panic attack they have been experiencing, only thinking that something is wrong with them, or that they might be going crazy.

The effects of anxiety and panic attacks can be debilitating, being unable to interact and socialize with others comfortably, or not being able to go and do all of the activities that you would like to be able to do.

Usually, treating the underlying fears behind the panic attacks will help to resolve them, or at least to lessen the amount of times they occur.

In some cases, medication will need to be used to treat the panic attacks, so that the person is able to function in their day-to-day life.

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Things to Avoid

There are certain things that people should avoid when suffering from panic attacks.

One of these things is stimulants such as caffeine, found in both coffee and tea, alcohol, and tobacco. Also avoid  fizzy drinks, particularly those containing caffeine.

Benadryl to Treat Panic Attacks

There are some people who will use Benadryl to treat panic attacks since it claimed to have a calming effect that helps to soothe and help some people sleep.

The primary problem with using Benadryl to treat panic attacks is that, for some people, it can have quite the opposite effect.

Instead of calming them, it can, like caffeine, stimulate their system and make them feel even more anxious.

Another problem for those using Benadryl to treat panic attacks is that the effects wear off in a short amount of time, leaving the individual in the same situation as before – back to square one.

In addition, Benadryl is not made to be taken on a daily basis, so that can cause problems for the individuals in the long run.

A Better Way

Instead of using Benadryl to treat panic attacks, the best method is to get treatment from a professional.

In this way, you are helped to break down the problem into manageable parts so that you can understand where the fear came from and what is sparking the attacks.

By doing this, you are better able to recognize the triggers points for the attacks so that you can rationalize and talk yourself through the situation and prevent an attack from occurring or to push it back to where it came from. By facing your fears, you very often minimize them.

A professional can also help you to learn proven relaxation methods and grounding methods that will help you in a panic attack.  These relaxation techniques usually include abdominal breathing methods to increase the oxygen to the brain.

These grounding methods usually include ways to help the individuals to focus on the events going on around them rather than the past events that have triggered the fears.

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