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Reviewer: Beth O’Connor



Product Reviewed: The Panic Puzzle Program

Panic Puzzle is an anxiety and panic attack treatment program created by an ex-sufferer called Rich Presta.

Before writing this Panic Puzzle review, I wanted to hear what other people had to say about it. The feedback was generally very positive.

Click HERE to visit the Panic Puzzle website

The good points

Being an ex-sufferer of anxiety and panic attacks for many years, the comforting thing is that Rich has been is obviousyy talking from a knowledgeable standpoint and he has obviously used the techniques to cure himself.

The main good feedback points for the Panic Puzzle review were:

  • Ease of use – the techniques are fairly easy to learn and to implement;
  • As well as a manual, there is also an audio edition, which is great, particularly if travelling in the car;
  • The program comes with a 2 month refund gurantee.

The bad points

  1. There were a few comments about a lack of 24/7 support as there are in some other treatment courses;
  2. It can be a little repetitive (I guess they’re trying hard to hammer certain points home).

What’s in the Pack?

Panic Puzzle pack consists of:

  • An 84 page manual with the three main methods of eliminating anxiety;
  • An audio edition of the Panic Puzzle manual;
  • A ‘Rescue Audio CD’, for when you are actually having or feel a panic attack coming on;
  • An audio CD containing views from many experts;
  • A set of bonus audio CDs for people who experience anxiety whilst driving;
  • Bonus transcripts and audio CDs with additional advice.

What Conditions does Panic Puzzle cover?

The areas Panic Puzzle covers include:

  • Feelings of nervousness and anxiety;
  • Experiencing scary or anxious thoughts;
  • Feeling a loss of control;
  • Feelings of dizziness or light headedness;
  • Feeling in a disconnected state or having ‘scattered thoughts’;
  • Feeling trapped, particularly in social/public situations;
  • Breathing difficulties and heart palpitations;
  • Depression;
  • Phobias which can bring on attacks;

Panic Puzzle Review Summary

Most of all it teaches you that the condition can be cured completely, rather than just giving you a few coping mechanisms.

As with any course, you must have a wholehearted commmitment to the program and follow it through with determination from beginning to end.

From the feedback I have received, I would say this is a good overall product and I would have no hesitation in recommending it.

Click HERE to visit the Panic Puzzle website

4 / 5 stars     

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